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Welcome to Chicken Salad Chick, where we offer delicious, made from scratch favorites served from the heart. You’ll find fresh ingredients, gracious hospitality, and happy people in our restaurants.

Interested in joining the Chick Family? We offer competitive pay, no fryers, no late nights, Sundays off, and a great culture. We're currently hiring all positions at the restaurant level, including Team Members and Managers. With over 200 locations in 17 states and plans for fast-paced growth, we have opportunities to advance your career in a purpose-led company that believes in Spreading Joy, Enriching Lives and Serving Others.

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Baker | Chicken Salad Chick Jobs

Job Information

Chicken Salad Chick Baker in Atlanta, Georgia


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

This position requires standing, stooping, walking, lifting, and carrying up to 50 pounds, long periods of physical activity, constant use of the hands and wrists, and other various duties in a production environment.


• Ovens

• Cupcakes

• Mixing cake batter

• Mixing pound cake batter

• Mixing cookie, bars, and brownie batters

• Mixing frostings

• Boxing of cakes

• Frosting (chocolate, caramel, and flavored frosting)

Duties Group 1

• Let mixers know if they need to make more product throughout the shift by checking the grid to determine what needs to be mixed in addition to what has been mixed.

• Place batter in pans, molds, bundts, or on sheets and bake in oven.

• Pay attention to oven temperatures for fluctuations in temperature adjusting to correct temp of 325 if necessary.

• Mix frostings and glazes.

• Carry frosting to tables.

• Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs.

• Distribute any ingredients, tools, and cooking pans to the appropriate station. (large bags of flour, sugar, etc.)

• Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs.

• Take out all trash in garbage cans to recycle or trash dumpster breaking down all boxes.

• Assist dishwasher and other staff where help is needed.

• Regrease all pans, and stack covered with parchment paper on tables and racks.

• Pick up big objects from the floor to keep them from going in to drains and to prevent drains from getting clogged.

• Sweep with squeegee water in the drain to avoid people from slipping.

Duties Group 2

• Get information from baking grid and follow recipe directions.

• Measure and mix ingredients to form dough or batter.

• Control mixing processes and oven controls based on each recipe.

• Monitor baking process to identify needed adjustments, testing for doneness and adjusting temperatures to correct temp of 325 if necessary.

• Cut, peel, and prepare fruit for pound cake fillings.

• Scoop dough to form tarts and cookies.

• Use a variety of kitchen tools, including electric mixers, pans, pastry bags, and cutting tools.

• Measure products using scale for cake recipes and prepare fillings for cakes or other baked goods.

• Assist other staff where help is needed.

• Melt chocolates for recipes.

• Flip cooled cakes for frosting.

• Fill cupcakes with batter using correct scoop.

• Frost cupcakes. Day dot each tray.

• Fill containers with finished brownies, cookies, and bars – labeling with date.

• Frost all cakes and put in box for boxer to label.

• Box all cakes with correct labels making sure the boxes are clean and correctly labeled.

• Put all cakes on rack by store name and try to keep same cakes on same shelf. All 7” cakes on top shelf.

Daily Procedures

• To avoid any errors, be sure to follow each recipe as it is written in the recipe book. Ask supervisors about any doubts or errors in the recipe book.

• First check the baking grid to determine the variety and quantity of goods to bake that day.

• Ovens are turned on to correct temperatures.

• Dry ingredients and wet are measured into different sized bowls, following recipes exactly.

• The batter is measured into greased pans and baked in ovens.

• Oven temperatures are checked. Checking layers and taking out those that are done.

• Oven station observes products as they bake, checking color and adjusting for baking times as needed.

• Cooked products are wheeled to cooling racks for frosting using pastry bags, spatulas and/or pastry combs.

• All staff to wear disposable gloves when handling any food.

• All staff wear non-slip shoes, hairnets, or caps.

• Safety first always.

• POC bakers are cross trained in all stations and follow POC recipes.

• Supervisors are to cut staff that have finished assigned tasks closing with only necessary staff.

• Staff to clock in and out at scheduled times.

• For sanitation, do not put any work equipment, products, or tools on the floor. Ex. bowls, sugar sacks, spatulas, gloves etc.

End of the shift

• All remaining staff to help with cleanup.

• All trash is taken out to correct dumpster – trash or recycle.

• All food covered and labeled if not in the original container.

• All cake pans, cupcake pans, bundt pans etc cleaned and returned to correct racks.

• All finished products rolled out to distribution.

• All finished cupcakes put in proof boxes and put on each sheet pan a colored sticker according to the following day.

• All pans greased and covered.

• The dish machine cleaned and drained.

• The sinks cleaned out.

• All tools returned to correct racks.

• All mixers cleaned completely and shut off.

• Flour sifting machine cleaned.

• Containers before refilling all baking soda, baking powder and salt containers every night and clean any spills in the pantry room.